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Get a closer look at the many causes and effects of obesity, and meet the people who are fighting the problem on a daily basis.

Obesity Epidemic Increasing at Alarming Rate

Obesity's Effect On the Heart

Where Your Fat is Stored Matters

Obesity Puts You at Risk For Variety of Illnesses

Healthcare Costs are Greatly Impacted by Obesity

Tips for Weight Loss

Are All Calories Created Equal?

Why Maintaining a Healthy Weight is So Hard

What Can I Do to Improve my Overall Health?

How Stress Can Effect Your Appetite

Food That Claims It's Healthy

School Lunches are Not as Healthy as We Think

What Does School Lunch Look Like?

Juice Has Nearly the Amount of Sugar as Soda

Childhood Obesity Needs to be Solved Now

The Obesity Era

The Mismatch

Local Farmers Seek More Help from US Government

Does Zip Code Matter More Than Genetic Code?

The Real Costs of Food

Type 2 Diabetes: Choices

Type 2 Diabetes: Consequences

Bag of Chips

The Best Way To Burn Fat

Breaking A Sweat

How Can You Burn Food Without Cooking?


Doing Better In School

5 Hours of Sleep vs. 8

Gaining Weight Without Eating

How Do You Lose A Race...

Skipping Meals

A Sport Without Excercise

How Many Stairs...

What's Red & Yellow?


Explore the interrelated issues that affect our nation's weight with a set of detailed data visualizations.

Exercise Needed to Burn Off a Serving of French Fries

Exercise Needed to Burn Off a Serving of French Fries

Portion Distortion in Snack Foods

Portion Distortion in Snack Foods

Average Per Day Media Use

Average Per Day Media Use


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