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Balancing your food intake with physical activity

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Learning ways to balance ENERGY IN with ENERGY OUT during your week will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight!

How to Balance Your Energy

Remember to balance the IN and OUT equation every day of the week.

Energy is another word for "calories." Calories consumed through eating and drinking with the calories burned through physical activity determines the balance. What you eat and drink is ENERGY IN. What you burn through body functions and physical activity is ENERGY OUT. If you know how to "balance" you can maintain a healthy weight.

If you know you may eat more high-calorie foods than normal on a specific occasion, you may wish to eat fewer calories for a few days before or after so that it balances out. Or, you can increase your physical activity level for the few days before or afterward to burn off the extra energy.

Here are some ways to cut 150 calories (ENERGY IN):

  • Drink water instead of a 12-ounce regular soda.
  • Order a small serving of French fries instead of a medium , or order a salad with dressing on the side.
  • Eat a 3 egg-white omelet instead of 3 whole eggs.
  • Use tuna canned in water (6-ounce can), instead of oil.

Here are some ways to burn 150 calories (ENERGY OUT), in just 30 minutes (for a 150 pound person)15:

  • Shoot hoops for 30 min.
  • Walk two miles in 30 min.
  • Do yard work (gardening, raking leaves, etc.) for 30 min.
  • Go for a bike ride for 30 min.
  • Dance with your family or friends for 30 min.
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The same amount of ENERGY IN (calories consumed) and ENERGY OUT (calories burned) over time = weight maintenance. More ENERGY IN than OUT over time = weight gain. More ENERGY OUT than IN over time = weight loss.