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Eat more whole grains

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Whole grain intake may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and is associated with a lower body weight. Whole grain foods are naturally rich in fiber and in nutrients, which play an important role in managing how hungry you feel46.

Refined to Whole Grains: Make the Switch

  • Learn how to identify whole grains on a package:
    • "Made with whole grain wheat" is not the same thing as "100% whole grain wheat".
    • You cannot tell by looking at the color of the bread—you have to read the ingredients.
    • The first ingredient should say whole grain.
    • You can find out if the food you are eating is made of whole grains by looking at the ingredients list of the food label.
    • The following are some examples of how whole grains could be listed:
      • brown rice
      • buckwheat
      • bulgur (cracked wheat)
      • millet
      • wild rice
      • popcorn
      • quinoa
      • triticale
      • whole-grain barley
      • whole-grain corn
      • whole oats/oatmeal
      • whole rye
      • whole-wheat
  • Whole grains can be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks:
    • Breakfast:
      • Enjoy breakfasts that include whole-grain cereals, such as bran flakes, shredded wheat or oatmeal.
      • Replace plain bagels with whole-wheat toast or whole-grain bagels
    • Lunch:
      • Make sandwiches using whole-grain breads or rolls.
      • Swap white-flour tortillas for whole-wheat or corn tortillas.
    • Dinner:
      • Try whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat couscous, or brown rice as a side.
      • Add pearled barley to soups.
      • Add three-quarters of a cup of uncooked oats for each pound of ground beef or turkey when you make meatballs, burgers or meatloaf.
    • Snacks:
      • Instead of pretzels or chips, have air-popped popcorn.
      • Try adding a sprinkle of parmesan or salt-free seasoning for extra flavor.
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With the exception of older women, 5% or less of Americans meet their recommendations for fiber. A major reason is that they consume less than 20% of the recommended intakes for whole grains.