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Your Family

Find family activities that will get everyone's heart pumping

Take This Action Commit to this action for your family to help overcome the obesity epidemic.

Parents and caregivers play an important role in helping their kids be more active. They can serve as role models, help create environments that support activity, and participate in activities with their kids57.

How to Be More Physically Active as a Family

  • Find aerobic activities, increase your heart beat, and breathe harder) that you enjoy doing together as a family.
    • Take an after-dinner walk.
    • Play active games—like Frisbee, catch, or hide-and-go-seek.
    • Be active instead of watching TV.
  • Find local public parks, playgrounds, or athletic fields where your family can be active together.
  • Use active transportation.
    • For example, walk or ride bikes to school or to the store instead of taking a car.
  • Set family goals for being active together more often.
  • Plan active family vacations so that they include walking, hiking, biking or other activities you can do as a family.
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Kids who are active have better blood pressure and better cholesterol levels on average than those who aren't.