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Keep snacks out of easy reach

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Some of the most effective ways to eat less involve small, simple changes that help to us avoid eating when we aren't actually hungry.

Move Your Snacks Out of Sight and Out of Mind

  • Take the snacks off of your desktop to prevent grazing. Hide them in a bottom drawer, behind files, in another room, or in the refrigerator.
  • Come to an agreement with your co-workers not to keep bowls of candy or sweets in sight and minimize the frequency of bringing in treats.
    • An ongoing poll of dieters has found that co-workers are the second biggest source of negative pressure for people who are trying to improve their diet 81. Talk with co-workers if you need to, to prevent them from pressuring you to eat or making fun of your eating choices.
  • If there is a break room or table that frequently has unhealthy snacks on it, avoid walking by it.
  • Keep your lunch away from your desk so you aren't tempted to snack on it before lunchtime.
  • Think about strategies for saying "no" in situations where you feel pressured to eat unhealthy foods (for example at parties, or when a co-worker has brought everyone treats). Prepare a response or an alternative behavior ahead of time. For example, "if someone brings cupcakes, I will have a small piece of dark chocolate with me to eat instead."
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In one study, people ate more than twice as much candy when it was in a bowl on their desk as when it was just 6 feet away from the desk.