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Learn about Breastfeeding Support in Your Workplace

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Breast milk provides tremendous health benefits for a baby. It is recommended that, when possible, breast milk be the only source of nutrition for infants less than six months old, with continuation through one year as other foods are introduced136. With so many women employed full-time, support of breastfeeding is essential.

Work with Your Fellow Employees and Your Employer to Create a Breastfeeding-Friendly Environment

  • Learn about factors that affect breastfeeding among working mothers:
    • Paid maternity leave for all employed mothers.
    • Comprehensive, high-quality breastfeeding support programs for employees.
    • Workplace programs that allow breastfeeding mothers to have direct access to their babies.
    • On-site childcare so that mothers can have direct access to their infants.
    • Private and comfortable room in which mothers can breastfeed or express milk.
    • A refrigerator and/or freezer in which to store expressed breast milk.
    • Break times to breastfeed.
    • Flexible work times and locations for breastfeeding mothers50,137.
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One-third of mothers employed full-time return to work within 3 months of their child's birth and two-thirds return within six months. During this time period, exclusive breastfeeding drops nearly 30%.