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Learn how to be a smart and healthy shopper

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Shopping smart so that you have lots of healthy food options around the house is a great way to help you eat more healthfully. Just a few basic steps can help you navigate the grocery store and make healthier food choices!

Take a Health-conscious Approach to Food Shopping

  • Make a list before you go so you can shop efficiently and avoid impulse buying.
  • Learn how to smartly navigate the supermarket and focus on the outer portions of the store.
  • Read food labels and ingredient lists on packages and learn what they mean.
  • Take note of serving sizes for packaged food and drinks - how many servings are in a package?
  • Look to see that whole grains (whole wheat, whole oats) are listed as the first ingredients. "Multigrain" doesn't mean whole grain.
  • Avoid purchasing large packages of highly processed foods.
  • Divide foods you buy in bulk into smaller portions for storage and use.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season, when they can cost less.
  • Use coupons to buy household items like cleaning supplies. Use the money saved to buy fresh fruits and veggies.
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Most high calorie foods, including some processed snacks that are high in added fat and sodium, cost less per calorie than low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. That makes it easy to buy too many unhealthy calories cheaply.