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No TV in the Bedroom

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Parents can have a positive impact on children's sedentary activity, snacking, and exposure to advertising of unhealthy foods through rules related to TV and media use39. One approach that parents can set is to place television sets in common rooms rather than in children's bedrooms to encourage healthy lifestyles for children at home. Having a TV in a child's bedroom has been associated with increased time spent watching television, disrupted sleep, and increased prevalence risk of obesity106.

Make a TV-Free Zone

  • Put the TV, video game consoles, and computer in common areas like the living room instead of in your child's bedroom.
  • Help kids deal with feeling bored.
    • Be prepared to suggest other activities and make age-appropriate toys and books available.
    • Over time, kids will learn to entertain themselves.
  • If your child has a cell phone, move the charger to a common area or your room to reduce phone distractions and disruptions after bedtime.
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Currently, 90% of parents report that their children younger than 2 years watch electronic media. By 3 years, almost one-third of children have a television in their bedroom.