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Promote a culture of health and fitness at your workplace

Take This Action Commit to this action for your community to help overcome the obesity epidemic.

With work taking up a large portion of every day, ensuring that the work environment supports healthy eating and movement is important for overall health. A culture of health should involve all levels of an organization, but it can start with you!

Make Health and Fitness a Part of Your Daily Work Routine

Healthier Food

  • Develop a healthy catering guide for meetings and special events.
  • Collaborate with co-workers to take turns providing healthy snack options.
  • Create a schedule of special events and ask people to limit the food they bring in to share at those events.
  • Work with your coworkers to get healthier options in the vending machines and cafeteria.
  • Work with your co-workers and supervisors to bring in a nutritionist or health expert to give a talk.
  • Support a farmer's market/mobile market at your workplace.

More Movement

  • Organize walking meetings or walk during breaks or lunch.
  • Get up and go talk with co-workers instead of sending an email or calling.
  • Map a walking route around the perimeter, or inside your workplace.
  • Work with co-workers to bring in a fitness instructor for an after work or lunchtime training session. When running a meeting, start it with a standing and stretching break.
  • Make stairwells more attractive with good lighting, artwork, or even music.
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