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Understand your relationship with food

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A whole range of emotions can trigger overeating: boredom at work, worries about money, celebratory occasions from weddings to the Super Bowl, are among many reasons people may overeat. Awareness of "food moods" can help you identify times you are likely to overeat, or choose unhealthy options without realizing it.

Does Your Mood Influence Your Food Choices?

Reflect on how you feel when you eat and when you're hungry:

  • Do triggers in your environment lead you to overeat, or eat without paying attention to what, or how much you're eating? What can you do to avoid those triggers?
  • Keep a food journal to track how you feel when you eat. Consider having your spouse or children do one, too!

Beat Mindless Eating!

Party Tips & Tricks:

  • Bring a healthy dish to every party - that way you know there's at least one healthy food option available!
  • Alternate between alcohol and water. It will cut back your calorie intake.
  • Step away from the food table! It is easy to talk and eat without realizing how much food you're consuming.
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Eating unhealthy foods is linked with being in a negative mood, and a bad mood can increase our appetite.