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Use Technology to Support Healthy Behavior Change

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Screen time has been associated with sedentary behavior, exposure to food marketing, snacking107,108. We have a long way to go in cutting back on screen time and reductions in media use will likely be gradual. While we try to work our way down, technology can help inform us, monitor health behaviors, track progress, and connect us with social support. Technology can also help convert screen time into active time.

Using Technology for Health

  • Use an online system or phone app to track your health goals: screen time; meals/diet; physical activity; weight. Some, like Supertracker, are available online. Many free smartphone apps can help log your progress.
  • If you have a DVR system, like TiVo, skip past advertisements to spend less time watching a television program and to decrease exposure to marketing.
  • Know that "exergames", like Dance Dance Revolution, may burn more energy than non-active games, but they can't replace regular physical activity109.
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Youth ages 8-18 in America spend 7.5 hours on the TV or playing video/computer games a day. That's 3.5 times the limit recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.