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Walk more

Take This Action Commit to this action for yourself to help overcome the obesity epidemic.

The average American adult takes only about 5,000 steps a day52. Increasing the number of steps you take can help burn calories and prevent weight gain53.

How to Add Steps Into Your Day

  • Add steps into everyday activities:
    • Get off the subway a stop early.
    • Park your car at the back of the parking lot.
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
    • Walk to someone's office instead of calling or emailing.
    • Better yet, if you have a meeting at work with one person plan to do that meeting while walking near your office.
  • Set a goal for increasing your steps:
    • Get a pedometer to help track your steps.
    • Measure the number of steps you take over three days.
    • Set a goal for increasing your number of daily steps.
    • Gradually add 250 steps a day until you reach your goal. A great goal is 8,500 steps a day for adults54. Whatever goal you set, there are benefits to increasing your daily steps.
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Taking just 1,000 more steps every day could add up to almost 200 miles in a year.